Friday, July 20, 2012

Jeff The Brotherhood - A Great Write Up Song By Song

These two definitely captivate people, they just have a thing about them that is intriguing.  I went to their ALBUM LAUNCH a few days ago and actually managed to put into words what they mean to me but THIS article is another opinion.

UPLIFTING NEWS: Gorillas Figure Out How To Dismantle Traps

This is heart shattering but uplifting at the same time.  Gorillas in their native Rwandan Forest, after losing a friend to a trap set by poachers, have now figured out how to dismantle them! Read the details HERE and have tissues near by.  Why, for the love of God, do evil people exist and kill these beautiful endangered animals that I'm not sure will still be in existence for our children to see!

The Killers - 3 New Songs!

At their show in Asheville, North Carolina last night, The Killers debuted three new songs in addition to their just released single "Runaways"! I am so excited for these guys to be back under the radar, they were gone for too long! The upcoming album is called "Battle Born" and is out September 17th. Enjoy:  

 And here is their current single "Runaways"

Blonds - "Time" - Song Premier

I have had my eye on this band for a while and I really like the direction they are taking.  If this single is anything to go by then I am excited for their up coming album 'The Bad Ones' out August 7th. Click HERE to check out this single being premiered on Paste Magazine.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Photographer Identifies The Original Locations Of Vinyl Album Covers In NYC

This is so cool because each of the album covers are iconic and so familiar! I wish aside from just showing where they were shot, he wrote the actual location too, very cool none the less.  Have a LOOK yourself ;)

Jeff The Brotherhood - Album Launch Party At Santos Party House

Last night I went to the album launch party for Jeff The Brotherhood's new album 'Hypnotic Nights'. I have finally figured out what JTB means to me! They remind me of when I was really young, around12 or 13 and my friends who had older brothers.  I had an older sister so older brothers were totally alien and intriguing to me.  When I would go round to a friend's house the older brother were always in a band and they all had long greasy hair, always good looking (or at least I thought so at age 12), were very mysterious and I would occasionally catch a glimpse of them when they left their lair/bedroom/rehearsal space for a few minutes to get food and drinks from the kitchen.  If they ever had a show and me and my friend would go it was the most exciting thing I could possibly think of.  So JTB is a nostalgic experience for me especially since their music is a direct throw back to 90s grunge! What's funny is that last night me and my friend were definitely the oldest people there by quite a long shot, I think Jake and Jamin (Jeff the Brotherhood themselves) are even quite a bit older than their audience.

Ready to Rock!


Jake & Jamin . . . vaguely

One of many crowd surfers
A raddom foot poking out of the crowd
The show was in a tiny sweat pit of a dump venue called Santos Party House . . . and I loved it! The crowd as I just mentioned were super duper young, at the bar I overheard many a complaint at the "city prices" for a drink which makes me think these kids still lived in the burbs with their parents. JTB absolutely killed it, their set was epic and I have a feeling that I will look back on the day I saw them in a sweat pit shoe box sized venue fondly when they are playing much much bigger places. They pumped so much dry smoke that you basically couldn't see them on the stage, all you could see was trippy lighting and the silouettes of all the crowd surfers with the giant sound coming from Jake and Jamin.  The crowd were young, rowdy and ready to rock.  I stood the furthest back I could be to avoid the mayhem.  At one point mid-song Jamin, the drummer, stopped the show to break up a fight and make sure the front line of the audience were all ok and everyone was safe.  These boys are an anomaly: grungy, young, mysterious, bad ass rockers yet they seem quite sensitive and soft at the same time.  After the show Jake took the time to meet and greet anyone who approached him, girls just wanted hugs and the dudes after the initial hand shake also went in for a hug too.  So for me JTB are nostalgic but I guess they mean something special to each of their fans. The lyric that sums them up for me is "I think you're cool, I am too, I know what you want to do", the simplicity, cheekyness and sexy grunge are perfection!

The Vaccines - New Song/Music Video "Teenage Icon"

This is the second track and first music video off their latest album 'Come of Age' which is their second album, out in the UK on September 3rd. Here is the track listing:
'No Hope'
'I Always Knew'
'Teenage Icon'
'All In Vain'
'Ghost Town'
'Aftershave Ocean'
'Bad Mood'
'Change Of Heart pt.2.'
'I Wish I Was A Girl'
'Lonely World'

Check out the video:

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Deer Tick 'Black Dirt Sessions' Is In My Top 5 Albums Of All Time And It's On Sale Here!

If you haven't heard the Black Dirt Sessions before, doesn't matter if you are or aren't a Tick fan, this album is ground breaking and you need to.  Click HERE to get this master piece on sale at Amazon for a measly $7.99, it will be the best $7.99 you have ever spent, trust me! I now have all of Deer Tick's music and this is my favourite.

Jimmy Fallon Doing An Hour Special With All His Best Musical Moments!

To say I am a Jimmy Fallon fan is an understatement, I worship him!  He is one of the only people on TV that can actually put me in fits of laughter! Here's what NBC have said about the awesomeness we are in for:

"The hour will include original performances such as Tebowie and Fallon as Neil Young singing Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. The special will also recap some of Fallon's greatest musical collaborations with superstar artists including Justin Timberlake on History of Rap andCarly Rae Jepsen on a one-of-a-kind rendition of Call Me Maybeusing only classroom instruments. Other highlights includeScrambled Eggs with Paul McCartneyWhip My Hair with Bruce Springsteen and more, many featuring the musical accompaniment of Late Night house band, The Roots."

Jeff The Brotherhood - "Six Pack" - David Letterman

Did you see the brother duo on David Letterman last night? Watch again or for the first time below:

See you tonight at Santos House Party in NYC for their album launch PARTAY!!

A Coachella Cruise?

I know music cruises have been done before with the Weezer cruise, the R. Kelly cruise, the garage rock Bruise Cruise, and some others but a festival cruise . . . really? The line up is pretty decent but I'm sorry, there is no way in hell you could get me to go on a festival cruise! It just spells chaos, mayhem and hopefully not disaster but kind of.  It's called S.S. Coachella and the pair of Caribbean cruises will set sail in December. Both trips depart from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, a three-day trip leaves December 16 and travels to the Bahamas, while a four-day trip leaves December 19 and travels to Jamaica.  The line up includes Pulp, Hot Chip, Girl Talk, Yeasayer, Sleigh Bells, James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem (who will host a wine tasting), Grimes, Cloud Nothings, El-P, Killer Mike, the Rapture, Simian Mobile Disco, !!!, Warpaint, and more. Your thoughts? Will you be going?


WEIRD NEWS: 10 Of The World's Biggest Mysteries!

This is really cool! Read about them HERE.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Alberta Cross - Songs Of Patience - Out Today!

And it's already in the top 200 albums on i-tunes!  Like I said if you read my POST from a few a weeks ago, my prediction is that this will be the break out album of the Summer and finally propel Alberta Cross to the level of success they absolutely deserve and have worked so hard for! Pick up your copy NOW!

WEIRD NEWS: Australian Surfer Bitten In Half By Shark

AAAHHHHHHHH!!! I don't think even Jaws included details as gory as this! If you can stomach it read the details HERE.

Passion Pit Cancel Tour - Due To Mental Health Issues

Wow what an honest and brave statement frontman Michael Angelakos has made from the band's Facebook page "On behalf of the band and myself, I would like to greatly apologize for the show cancelations. In order for me to ensure that there will be no further disruptions, I am going to take the time to work on improving my mental health. For now, I'd like to thank all of our fans for their understanding. I hope to see all of you very soon in a much different light."

I'm not a massive fan of the band's music but you never want to hear of someone struggling with mental health issues! Thank goodness he recognised he had issues and is taking some time out to deal with it.  I think that's the mistake many artists make, not recognising their issues and then not taking time to get better. Get well soon Michael!

Jeff The Brotherhood - 'Hypnotic Nights' Released Today!

Click HERE to get your copy and don't forget to RSVP for their album launch party in NYC tomorrow, details HERE.

WEIRD NEWS: Check Out These Incredible Photos Of Mars!

This is so crazy! I am just so curious as to what it's like on Mars . . . along with everyone else I'm sure! These photos are so real you can almost imagine it! Read HERE for more details and photos.

Bob Dylan - NEW Album 'The Tempest'

The Tempest is being released on September 11th and was produced by himself but under the pseudonym of Jack Frost.  Not many details are available but perhaps the title is a clue to his retirement? The Tempest was Shakespeare's final piece of work, somehow I don't think so though! Read HERE for more details.  I really hope this album is great, after seeing him live a couple of years ago and regretting going because it was such a disappointment of a show let's hope he's still got it in his mind and in the studio.  I saw him at Terminal 5 about two years ago and I was disappointed because he sang in this growl that was completely monotone, he didn't play a single song in it's original arrangement so I literally couldn't even recognise "Love Sick" or "Rolling Stone" and he just kind of seemed pissed off which makes no sense because it's his decision to be on this never ending tour so if he wants to tour then he should damn well show it in a show that all of us payed through the teeth to be at.

The Felice Brothers - 'Loncoln Continental' - Free New Song!

If you go HERE you can get a free MP3 of a new song from The Felice Brothers off their new album 'God Bless You Amigo' which is available from midnight tonight for just $5! Enjoy :)

Monday, July 16, 2012

The Black Lips To Tour The Middle East - A Documentary In The Making

Hmm this should be very interesting seeing as they are hardly the most prim and proper of bands, perhaps you remember one of them playing his guitar with his penis at Coachella earlier in the year? Alas they have been to other conservative countries including India and Israel in the past and have lived to tell the tale.  I am a big fan of these guys to I can't wait for them to return safely and share the documentary! Read here for more DETAILS.  Check out the promo for this tour:

Jack White - "Freedom At 21" - NEW Music Video

This is the music video for the track "Freedom at 21" off his debut album as a solo artist 'Blunderbuss' which was released on April 23, 2012.  Wow well it's certainly something aint it! Check it out:  

Jack White & First Aid Kit Perform "We Are Going To Be Friends" In Paris

I absolutely love First Aid Kit and I would pretty much have given a limb to have seen them perform with with Jack White.  Thankfully someone in the audience recorded the performance so us unlucky people can now watch it! See below for your viewing delight :)

Check out my previous coverage of First Aid Kit:

First Aid Kit Releases Music Video - Emmylou Harris, Gram Parsons, June Carter and Johnny Cash Tribute
First Listen: First Aid Kit, 'The Lion's Roar'
Coachella Road Trip Days 5 & 6

In Honour Of The Rolling Stones' 50th Anniversary First Aid Kit Covered "Play With Fire"

LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!! Read more about it HERE and listen below:

Mr And Mrs Ryan Adams/Mandy Moore Set To Record Her Latest Album Together

Well this should be interesting and I'm excited to hear it! I guess if you are married to a talent such as Ryan Adams why would you work with anyone else at another studio, just wouldn't make sense! Read more details HERE.

More Stabbings At A Swedish House Mafia Show In England!

I guess you could you say three stabbings is better than nine? Regardless, I'll say it again, what the hell is wrong with people!! The gig took place in Milton Keynes, read the details HERE.

WEIRD NEWS: Mermaids: The Body Found

I watched this show last night and was blown away.  I am a bit confused because if the evidence shown with all the footage, documentation and testimonies from scientists, NOOAA researchers and ex-naval officers is all true then where does that leave us, we have to believe it.  If it was a hoax then why would the Discovery Channel, an educational channel, air it and were all the people featured in the show actors? If you go with the school of thought that it was all true then my goodness I can't fathom how cool that is! Aside from the fact that I was horrified by the sonar testing which resulted in 1000s of killed whales and dolphins . . . and mermaids, I, along with all the other viewers, just found out and saw a mermaid which proves that mermaids exist! Read for yourself HERE and let me know your thoughts because I am riddled with curiosity now!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

If You Need A Giggle: 7 Unintentionally Sexual Optical Illusions!

Hee hee this is so silly! CLICK here for a laugh ;)

And Now An Amy Winehouse Hologram?

Sorry I find this whole resurrecting the deceased in hologram form seriously creepy and I am really shocked that Amy Winehouse's own father would be into the idea.  I think it's really morbid! Read about it HERE.

Mark Ronson To Produce Sir Paul McCartney's New Album

Sir Paul

Mark Ronson

Well that is quite a power house of a musical collaboration! I can't wait to hear the outcome! Read some details HERE.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Diamond Rugs - Daytrotter Session

So by now you must have paid the $2 subscription fee and are thrilled with parting with those 200 cents because yesterday you got Michael Kiwanuka and today you are getting Diamond Rugs!! Check out the session, they ROOOOCCCCKKKKKK!!!!!!! If you haven't purchased their album yet then you have no idea what you are missing, it's in my top 3 albums of 2012 so far, bold statement I know but I mean it! I love John McCauley's flowing blond locks in this illustration haha!

Jeff The Brotherhood - Album Launch Party NYC - Santos House Party

Add caption
Jeff The Brotherhood are throwing an album launch party in NYC at Santos House Party hosted by Brooklyn Vegan on Wednesday 7/18, make sure you RSVP.  Wow now that sounds like a fun night, see ya there!

Cory Chisel - David Letterman - Did You Notice His AMAZING Guitar Strap?
Old Believers art work
In case you missed Cory Chisel and the Wandering Sons on David Letterman the other night or even if you did catch it then you must have noticed his incredible guitar strap! It was custom made by my dear friend and incredibly talented leather accessories designer Tracey Tanner! She makes everything by hand in her Williamsburg BK studio and if you didn't know, because you are a new reader of mine, then I sometimes help her out and cut leather for her which I LOVE doing! I think that guitar strap is so special and cleverly thought out because if you check out Cory Chisel's new album's artwork you will see why . . .  triangles!

I Woke Up Feeling A Little School Girls-ish So Dressed Accordingly

The giant hair ball!

My school girl look
I guess I was in a great mood from having such a fun night the night before so it somehow inspired me to dress like a school girl! Also I'm obsessed with the hair ball on top of the head look mostly driven by the heat and trying to just get rid of my hair.  I saw this tutorial video courtesy of Refinery 29 and boom, I mastered the giant hair ball!

I Saw Three Fantastic Bands At Union Pool Last Night: Nicole Atkins, Nouvellas, (Daddy Long Legs) & Minerva Lions

The El Diablo Taco Truck

I love these boys style

Cool dudes with the taco truck

Minerva Lions

Nicole Atkins

The Nouvellas with Daddy Longlegs
Last night was, in my opinion, a pretty much perfect Summers night! It started early which I love because even if you get carried away with the bevvies you still end up going to bed earlier than on a normal night out and girl needs her beauty sleep! I arrived early with my friends at Union Pool and got stuck into some tacos from the El Diablo taco truck that's permanently parked in the back yard and sipped on a Tacate, nice. Minerva Lions were up first and were amazing! The main guy is like a mad scientist working his synth station, there was one song, wish I knew the name, that had some serious Pink Floyd moments.  Nicole Atkins took the stage mostly doing backing vocals but she did a few of her own songs too and my goodness does she blow me away! Her voice is heaven sent, she seriously has to be one of the best female vocalists out there today, she is definitely my favourite by a long shot! Finally Nouvellas hit the stage and straight away announced that this would be their last show for a while because one of the ladies was heavily pregnant and would be doing the mom thing very soon.  You could tell the ladies were thrilled to be doing the show which made for a really fun time! Towards the end Daddy Long legs shared the stage with the ladies and worked his harmonica so hard he would give G.Love a run for his money.  Finally all who performed got on stage and did a cover version of The Rolling Stones "Dead Flowers" in honour of the Stones' 50th anniversary yesterday. Here is a video of the cover, so fun!