Originally from London I celebrated my 10 year anniversary of living in New York this year. I grew up in Primrose Hill to an English father and an American mother. After graduating school I decided to explore my American side and embarked on a one way ticket adventure to New York. Nearly four years into living in the east village and lower east side of Manhattan I moved to Brooklyn with my now fiancé and consider Brooklyn my home.

After exploring a few different career paths I settled on modeling. Oddly enough modeling had been in the back of my mind since I was 14 when I was scouted by a few of the major london agencies. It didn't work out back then but I'm happy as I don't believe I was ready and instead entered the industry as an adult with great life experience.

I've been working full time as a model for 7 years. Fit modeling is my niche and I love it! Working with designers from the earliest stage of design, the sketch, to the finished product is inspiring and rewarding. I first signed with a tiny boutique agency and have worked my way to the top, two years ago I signed with Elite Models.

As a naturally outgoing theatrical person I wanted to try my hand at on camera work in the commercial industry. I submitted myself for an iPhone commercial and landed the job which eventually led to signing with my dream agency last year; Don Buchwald & Associates. I am always auditioning for TV commercials, voice over and commercial print and absolutely love it!

The other work I do is a job I had no idea existed until I started booking the work. Parts modeling! Apparently I have fantastic features, limbs and hands when photographed individually. My legs, hands, face, skin and hair have been used by many brands including Lord & Taylor, Dannon yoghurt and Dr Oz magazine. I signed with a parts agency last year and have been busy!

I'm happy with where I've found myself and am forever excited by the future!

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