WEIRD NEWS: Life After Death?

life after death
life after death

Everyone has their own theories as to what happens to us when we pass on. I won't even go into detail as to what I think because it's a sensitive subject and I don't want to upset anyones beliefs but if you follow my blog, as you would expect my beliefs are that there is more than just the physical world . . . Recently someone I am currently working with shared an essay with me that is incredible and basically explains what I imagine to happen to us when we die.  It is written by the Annals of the New York Academy of Science, Heinz Pagels, President, 1982, so a reliable source I guess you could say.  Here it is:

"The events described in the following story actually happened. Whether

or not they are “real”, however, depends upon your point of view. They occurred on Sunday October 29, 1995 in the Emergency Room of White Plains Hospital Center when, at about 5:15 PM, my heart stopped beating.

Earlier that day, while shopping with my family, I felt vaguely uncomfortable but didn't think much of it or say anything . When we got home later in the afternoon I was short of breath and decided to lie down and rest. After a few minutes, however, I had a moment of insight, realized that I must be having a second heart attack, and that I had to get to a hospital.

White Plains Hospital is seven minutes from my house. Making the decision that ultimately saved my life, my wife did not call for an ambulance but, instead, drove me to the hospital. While she got the car, I called my next door neighbor, our family doctor. He was already at work at the hospital, but his wife called to have him alert the Emergency Room. When I arrived at the ER a triage team had already been assembled and was waiting for me and, as I walked with a nurse back to one of the treatment rooms, I felt embarrassed that I had made such a big deal about being sick and I joked with her about being there. I felt much better. As I got near the stretcher, I stopped walking, turned to say something to her, and collapsed.

Two nurses lifted me up onto the stretcher and began to set up an EKG and intravenous line. Suddenly, my heart began to fibrillate, beating at hundreds of times per minute. I saw the staff working on me

and I remember seeing one of the nurses approaching me with the defibrillation paddles. My last conscious memory was wondering whether it would hurt. At that moment, my heart stopped beating, I lost consciousness, and the heart monitor went flat.

After seven defibrillation shocks, TPA to dissolve the blockage in my arteries, the triage team's refusal to give up...and the force of nature and God's heart was jolted back to life. After a week of stabilization in the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit I was transferred to Columbia Presbyterian Hospital where I had open heart coronary artery by-pass surgery to replace three of my arteries, all of which had been more or less 100% closed. Over the next six months, the pain of having my chest cut open and wired back together, the haze of anesthesia and the lingering physical and psychological ‘pump depression’ that results from time spent on a heart-lung machine eventually faded away.

But the reality of what almost happened does not fade away: If my wife had waited for an ambulance or the police, if it had taken four or five minutes longer to drive to the hospital, if my neighbor had not alerted the Emergency Room, if the ER crew had been overworked or understaffed that day, or if....

And the reality of what else happened to me also did not fade away: When I saw the nurse turn toward me with the paddles, the people working around my stretcher were frantic and noisy. An instant I lost consciousness...everything seemed to become calm and quiet and the matter-of-fact thought materialized in my head that I was dying. “Oh, so this is what happens when you die,” I thought. It sounds ridiculous, of course, but I experienced the distinct sensation that being ‘dead’ was just another existence. Suddenly I became aware that I was no longer feeling any pain, that there was no sound at all and it seemed as if I were looking down on my own body, from a place behind and slightly above the stretcher. I could see my cardiologist and my neighbor near the stretcher and I could see two nurses next to me, one holding the paddles and the other pushing on my chest.

Just as suddenly, this image receded quickly away, as if I were being drawn backwards and then I was out of the darkness and enveloped by and encased in brilliant, white, penetrating sunlight, floating above a dirt path twisting through a forest. My senses became saturated,

overloaded, with trees of amazingly deep green and an intense brilliant blue sky. I saw my wife and my children standing near the entrance to the path, unaware of my presence. As I passed by them I felt sadness thinking that I would not see them grow up but I soon came to ‘feel’ that I would somehow be aware of their progress through life.

I continued to float above this path until I came out of the woods and was confronted by a vast and bottomless canyon, through which ran an unseen body of water. Seemingly stretching over this abyss was an ancient bridge of rough and weathered wood. The deep grain of the wood on the bridge made an uneven, unsteady surface.

A thick and soupy mist rose up from the water, and it seemed as if, on the opposite side, a group of people stood waiting. I could only see them through that mist, which obscured the details of their features, but I 'knew' that I could 'see' one of my uncles, who had died twenty years earlier. It felt as if these people were expecting me, were waiting to welcome me. As I stood before this sweeping barrier, I seemed to stop floating and, instead, was standing on the ground at the foot of the bridge. The panorama of my life appeared before me, and I came to “feel” and understand both the wrongs that I had done to others and their pain. That understanding seemed both my judgment and my redemption. But I was ultimately confused: Was I supposed to cross the bridge, the bridge that, I sensed, unmistakably separated one existence from another?

I took one hesitating and tentative step out onto the bridge, and then a second....suddenly, a violent, all-encompassing fiery explosion of blinding, intense orange-white light seemed to surround me. I became part of it. Having absorbed me, it lifted me up, head over heels, backwards off the bridge...and I was conscious again, back ‘here’, lying on the stretcher in the Emergency Room. I could see the nurses and the doctors, hear the noise and feel the pain of my burnt chest. The "explosion" corresponded in real time, I assume, to the seventh paddle shock, after which I was, once again, 'alive'. My wife told me that when I awoke, my first words were: "Oh my God, all of the pain is on this side." When the nurses looked to see which ‘side’ of my body was in pain, I tried to explain that I wasn’t talking about one side of my body but, rather, this side of existence.

I learned later that, despite the fact that my heart had stopped, the two nurses on the triage team, Patty and Judy, had refused to stop working on me and refused to accept that I was dead. After Judy gave me what was the seventh shock, I was ‘back’. I could see the nurses collapsed in tears, the doctors ashen-faced with fear and relief, my wife in stunned disbelief at what had happened. An hour later I was in the cardiac ICU, alive.

There is, however, more to this story.

While I was recovering from the subsequent open heart surgery, I wrote to ‘my’ two nurses, describing my experience and thanking them for saving my life. In reply, Judy told me her own story: Her thoughts about our shared experience, she said, were so scary and overwhelming to her that it had taken her some time to put them into words. She typed a letter to me about them but, realizing that she was late for work, left it in an envelope on top of her word processor and went to work. After she left, some wiring in her apartment apparently overheated. A fire began that destroyed every single thing she owned - - her clothing, her books, her furniture, her personal possessions. The only item in the entire apartment that was not burned, was her letter to me.

In it, Judy had written: "On the day before you and I became 'acquainted' I had been feeling down and very sorry for myself, disillusioned with my job and unhappy with my life. I went to the cemetery where my father is buried, and cried at his grave, asking for guidance. I begged him to send someone to help me. The next day, at work, we were told to expect an incoming cardiac patient...and you arrived. After you collapsed, you were in very bad shape. Patty and I worked on you, and as Patty got the paddles ready, I put my hands on your chest: All at once, I seemed to become filled with the knowledge that it was not time for you to die, that I could not let you die and that I could save your life. Standing next to you, I was infused with a sense of power and as I took the paddles from Patty, I knew that you had been sent in response to my graveside prayer and I knew, as certainly as I have ever known anything, that this power would save you, and that it would save me too. The experience of reviving you helped me to understand once again that I was a skilled nurse who’s ability to save lives was nothing less than a gift from God. I was reborn."

To me, whether my experience was "real” or merely some sort of neuro-chemical or otherwise scientifically-explainable phenomenon caused by oxygen deprivation, is irrelevant, just as such questions are similarly irrelevant to other near-death survivors. For us, the ‘reality’ of the near-death experience is validated every single day being able to do the ordinary things of life, by being able to spend ‘extra’ time with our families and by being able to help others. Like all NDE survivors, I have come to personally believe that the end of life is not the end of existence.

I also came to believe that it was my obligation to refocus the rest of my life on the basis of helping people who needed comfort or help, and this became infinitely more rewarding than the ways in which I had sought success before, and gave life a value that it had not had for me before. I also felt compelled, as soon as I was physically able to do so, to go back and volunteer in Emergency Room, which for me was the nexus between life and after life, working with the people who had saved my life and helping others in times of intense emotional need. Since my life had been saved because the triage nurses were there on the day I came in, when I volunteered I tried to do whatever time-consuming chore or errand would otherwise have had to be done by a nurse, so that the nurses could, in turn, remain available for incoming patients.

Years later, I continue to struggle with the more personal aspects of finding and fulfilling that purpose. But it has also seemed clear to me - - from the instant I regained consciousness until today- - that apart from anything else, I have an obligation to describe my experience to others. If understanding that life is only a part of a timeless continuum, maybe death is manageable. Although no one can truly hope to know how nature...or God...operates in the moments that separate life from death, and irrespective of each person’s individual belief structure about a supreme being, it is consistently reported in thousands of instances described throughout recorded history, true for me, and true for an estimated thirty million other ‘near death’ survivors alive today, that experiences near death are a gift, a gift that enables us to believe in the reality of that continued existence.

“I climb mountains. Lately I dreamed that I was clutching at the face of a rock, but it would not hold. Gravel gave way. I grasped for a shrub, but it pulled loose and, in cold terror, I fell into the abyss. Suddenly I realized that my fall was relative: there was no bottom and there was no end. A feeling of pleasure overcame me. I realized that what I embody, the principle of life, cannot be destroyed. It is written into the cosmic code, the order of the universe. As I continued to fall in the dark void, embraced by the vault of the heavens, I sang to the beauty of the stars and made my peace with the darkness.”

Annals of the New York Academy of Science Heinz Pagels, President, 1982"

Amazing right? Such a lovely thought and one that I believe, that we will see our loved ones again once we and they leave the physical world.  Thanks Alan!

WEIRD NEWS: Who Doesn't Like A Good Ghost Story?

ghostly grandmaI have to say ghosts are the only thing I truly am scared of (except sharks), they absolutely freak me out! Living in NYC some people fear burglars but for me it's just a ghostly encounter. I have had an actual ghost visitor and it was an insane experience.  It was in the second house I lived in growing up in London.  The house was around 200 years old but the stupid people who lived there before us had gutted it and got rid of all the original details, it was still beautiful but it didn't have that really old feeling that my previous house had had. Anyway the point is it didn't feel remotely haunted or scary, it felt modern and fresh. One night I was fast asleep in my bedroom, I can even remember the dream I was having because I got disturbed, I was dreaming about go-carting (awesome!). I got woken up by someone screaming my name but in a whisper scream, I assumed it was my sister Laura so I half opened my eyes and saw a figure so asked what the hell she wanted but there was no reply.  It was really dark in my room so it took me a while to focus on the figure so I half sat up on one elbow and then when the figure came into focus I realised it wasn't my sister at all, it was an old lady who I didn't know! She didn't look like an old fashioned woman like from the Victorian period which was when the house was built, she looked like a modern day grand mother, but neither of mine.  She had short white grandma style hair, big square glasses and she was wearing a cream cable knit lose sweater and she was bending over with her hands leaning on her knees staring at me.  I literally couldn't believe my eyes so I just blinked trying to figure out why this old lady was in my bedroom staring at me, my heart was beating in over time so finally I closed my eyes, waited a second and then opened them . . . and just like that she was gone! I leaped out of bed and turned on the light and there was no one in my room at all and my door was still closed.  Absoluteley terrified I ran next door to my sister's room and refused to sleep in my room for the next month.  After I did eventually return to my room I never encountered the old lady again and I still don't have a clue who she was! Growing up in England everyone has ghost stories and usually the most reliable sane people you know have awesome stories too, I guess it's because of the history of the city and how much life has been there for so long!

Anyway check out this article written by a ghost story writer . . . I love this stuff even though I will most probably have nightmares tonight!

Alberta Cross With The Candles At Drom . . . Wow!!

Alberta Cross at Drom The Candles at DromA couple of weeks ago I went to see Alberta Cross perform at a venue in the East Village called Drom. I had never heard of the venue before but was so impressed! It's literally underneath a sushi shop and is like a hidden cave because you walk in and it doesn't make sense how huge it is with really high ceilings, a truly awesome venue! The Candles were the opener and also backed main Alberta Cross man Petter as his band with his other usual band mate Fredrik on drums. Firstly The Candles are awesome, real easy listening great singer song writer Americana done in a way that's refreshing but familiar at the same time.  They are also probably some of the best musicians around . . . when they aren't performing as a band in their own right they are touring around the world backing Norah Jones!

Alberta Cross have once again changed their live set up, it is now just Petter leading the show with Fredrik on drums and at this particular show they had The Candles as their band.  I have to admit, I have been to every show they have ever done in New York and this one was probably the best! The energy, the musicianship, the vibe, the sound . . . blew my mind! They looked like they were having the time of their lives and they sounded like they had been playing together for years! They performed three new songs which have made me ridiculously keen to get my hands on their hopefully-soon-to-be-released new album! I did take videos but I was instructed not to post them because they aren't official yet (oooh damn I wish I was a rule breaker because I'm dying to share them with you if you weren't at the show).

I feel like Alberta Cross' forever changing live line up has finally found it's comfort zone.  Maybe it's the all Swedish permanent line up now, maybe it was the awesome flavour The Candles brought, maybe it's the place main man Petter Ericson Stakee has finally reached . . . whatever it is, it works and is sure to blow your socks off when you see them live! As soon as I get permission to post my videos . . . I will so stay tuned!!

Favourite New Song Phosphorescent, "Song For Zula"

Phosphorescent at Manhattan InnI have had this song on repeat! The video although repetitive is somewhat captivating.  I haven't seen Phosphorescent live before but two members of the band, Matt and Joan, did an acoustic set at the Manhattan Inn in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, a few weeks ago and I felt so privileged to witness such awesome music in such an intimate setting! Check out the song and video:

I Have To Share My New Recipe With You . . . Coconut Milk Braised Kale, Roasted Acorn Squash & Yellow Squash Over Black Rice

I went to the Meat Ball Shop a couple of weeks ago and got inspired by their special vegetable of the day, coconut braised kale, and so I decided to try and make it at home!

As some of you may know I am a vegetarian (well actually pescatarian but I don't really make fish at home unless you count dolphin friendly tuna fish sandwiches).  I turned veggie August 2011 after a friend of mine really inspired me.  I was never really a big meat eater to begin with, organs and ground meat always freaked me out but I definitely did enjoy steak.

Gradually I started going off meat more and more and feeling more and more guilty about the animals and then one day my friend who I mentioned gave me a quote from  'Skinny Bitch' the book and that was it, I was done eating meat.  That being said I don't preach about it, to each their own, different strokes for different folks, whatever floats your boat etc BUT being veggie/pesce has opened up a whole new world to me! I have always enjoyed cooking but with my new diet I have become so much more inspired! It has really got me researching the health benefits of different foods, nutritional values etc.  Also as some of you may know I am a model so keeping trim is vital to my career but I looooove to eat.  One of the best parts of eating super healthy is that you can pretty much eat as much as you like (within reason) and not have to worry about weight gain because if you eat vegetables with whole grains there is no fat or anything bad.

So here is my latest invention which I strongly urge you all to try! I hate to toot my own horn but I kind of have to, I am a freakin' genius because this dish I made tonight was incredible!  If you make this dish please post picture to my facebook page, twitter or tag me on instagram because I would love to see how yours turned out! Also if you need some more info than what's on my recipe leave me a comment and I'll respond straight away.



Alberta Cross - "Crate Of Gold" - Music Video Featuring Drea De Matteo

Drea de Matteo in the music video by Alberta Cross "Crate of Gold"This music video is awesome! It's the first time in a long time that the video is as good as the song . . . well almost, I don't feel as strongly about film as I do about music so it's impossible for me to ever love visuals as much as audio. Grant James directed the video and cast Drea de Matteo as the relentless villianess set on destroying Petter, the main man of AC. In my research I have learned that the idea of the video came about by sleep deprivation induced paranoia the band endured during their last US/Euro tour . . . gnarly but makes for a thrilling music video plot! Check it out:

The Strokes - New Song "One Way Trigger"

One Way Trigger - The StrokesUm why didn't they just form a new band and release this song because it doesn't sound anything like The Strokes! Very odd! What do you think of it? This is the first song they have released but apparently it's not the official single, the official single is called "All the Time". I think it could grow on me and I get that bands progress especially when they have been around for quite a while like The Strokes but for me a truly good band always maintains a sound that is distinctly "them" if you know what I mean, this is unrecognizably The Strokes, you could tell me it was a handful of other bands and I would believe you . . . Passion Pit, The Rapture etc. I think I need to hear some more new tracks before I firmly set an opinion. I'd love to hear what you think so please leave a comment.

Coachella 2013 Line Up Announced

Coachella line up 2013Hmm is it just me or is the line up just not that exciting? There are few names on there that are super exciting but overall it's just a bit bleh.  Here is who I would like to see if I go: Day 1

  • The Stone Roses
  • Blur
  • Modest Mouse
  • Lou Reed
  • Local Natives (ish)

Day 2

  • Phoenix
  • The XX
  • Sigur Ros
  • New Order
  • Hot Chip
  • Spiritulized
  • Bat for Lashes
  • Kurt Vile

Day 3

  • Nice Cave & The Bad Seeds
  • Wu-Tang Clan
  • Tame Impala
  • Father John Misty
  • Rodriguez
  • Thee Oh Sees
  • Jeff the Brotherhood
  • Hanni El Khatibl

That may seem like a lot but not really if you think about how many bands are performing in total.  And out of all them the only ones I'm falling off my seat over is Rodriguez, Tame Impala, Blur and Nick Cave.

Either way it will be an amazing festival as always because of the weather, the setting and the art installations! I went last year because Hyundai sponsored me to be their journalist for their fans. Check out what I got up to below:

WEIRD NEWS: Big Foot Freaking An Indian Reservation Out In Oregon

It started about a month ago.  When night falls upon the Umatilla Indian Reservation in a remote part of Oregon on the foot of the Blue Mountains, the most frightening, blood curdling shrieks and moans can be heard from direction of a swamp, marshy, brush-covered piece of land that now the residents don't dare go near.  The more doubtful of the Indian population speculate that the sounds must be coming from Coyotes of foxes but the other less doubtful residents say that in all their years of living on the reservation they have never heard anything like it.  Some residents are saying it's a baby Sasquatch that has been separated from it's family and cries at night.

Whatever it is, it is enough to freak the whole reservation out, even their dogs that cower when they hear the shrieks! Have a listen for yourself below and read more details HERE:

New Band I Like - The Amazing

The AmazingI saw The Amazing perform on David Letterman last week and liked their performance but didn't love it, and I think it's cool that they are Swedish. It was enough to intrigue me. I was invited to go check them out at the Mercury Lounge last night . . . and I am so glad I did! Don't expect to be won over by their stage presence, they are super chilled Swedes who don't really say much expect mumble a bit and confer in Swedish but somehow they keep you captivated. Their music is super trippy and dreamy and even though it's mellow there is a driving beat that keeps you pretty amped.  They would be the perfect band for pretty much any American festival because it would be so nice to watch them on a hot summer's day or night. They are heading back to Sweden tonight but make sure to keep an eye out for when they return and get yourselves to a show!

Check out their performance on Letterman, but trust me they are even better live.  They have one of the best lead guitarists around!

Check Out The New John Varvatos Campaign Video Featuring Jimmy Page & Gary Clark Jr

John Varvatos really is a slave to rock n' roll and we have to applaud him for it! Check out the beautifully shot video directed by Danny Clinch for the Spring/Summer 2013 collection:

The NME Awards Are Actually Pretty Spot On This Year

It's almost like either whoever decided who to nominate is an avid Katalyst reader or maybe I am just doing a good job of keeping my finger on the pulse of all things rock n' roll!

Some of the artists, movies, books etc being acknowledged are some of my favourite bands, people, creations out there: Searching For Sugar Man, Haim, Tame Impala, Django Django.  The categories or pretty genius with the 'Worst Band of The Year' and the nominees couldn't be more true haha, they included two of my absolute worsts Bieber and Mumford & Sons (does the winner actually collect their award?)! And "Hero of the Year", Obama is a nominee! The awards ceremony is in London (obviously) on February 27th.

Here are the categories and nominees:

Best British Band supported by SONOS Arctic Monkeys Kasabian The Vaccines Biffy Clyro The Maccabees The Cribs

Best Album Frank Ocean, 'Channel Orange' Jake Bugg, 'Jake Bugg' The Maccabees, 'Given To The Wild' Alt-J, 'An Awesome Wave' The Vaccines, 'Come Of Age' Tame Impala, 'Lonerism'

Best International Band supported by Rekorderlig Cider The Killers Tame Impala The Black Keys Odd Future Crystal Castles Foo Fighters

Best Track supported by Blackstar Amps Arctic Monkeys, 'R U Mine?' Haim, 'Don’t Save Me' MIA, 'Bad Girls' Foals, 'Inhaler' Palma Violets, 'Best Of Friends' Tame Impala, 'Elephant'

Best TV Show Breaking Bad Noel Fielding's Luxury Comedy Fresh Meat Sherlock The Thick Of It Doctor Who

Best Music Film Searching For Sugar Man LCD Soundsystem: 'Shut Up And Play The Hits' Hit So Hard : The Life & Near Death Story of Patty Schemel Marley The Rolling Stones: 'Crossfire Hurricane' Led Zeppelin: 'Celebration Day'

Best Re-Issue Manic Street Preachers, 'Generation Terrorists' Blur, '21' Prodigy, 'The Fat Of The Land' Interpol, 'Turn On The Bright Lights' Smashing Pumpkins, 'Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness' Ian Brown, 'Collected'

Best Solo Artist Jake Bugg Noel Gallagher Florence Welch Miles Kane Grimes Paul Weller

Best New Band supported by Spotify Alt-J Peace Palma Violets Django Django Alabama Shakes Haim

Best Music Video Grimes, 'Oblivion' MIA, 'Bad Girls' David Bowie, 'Where Are We Now?' Arctic Monkeys, 'R U Mine?' Haim, 'Don't Save Me' Tame Impala, 'Feels Like We Only Go Backwards'

Best Festival supported by Farah Vintage Reading & Leeds Festivals T In The Park Bestival Primavera Latitude Isle Of Wight

Best Live Band The Maccabees The Cribs Blur Biffy Clyro Foals The Rolling Stones

Best Dancefloor Anthem Mosca feating Katy B, 'What You Came For' Calvin Harris featuring Florence Welch, 'Sweet Nothing' Psy, 'Gangnam Style' MIA, 'Bad Girls' Kanye West/Jay-Z, 'In Paris' Solange, 'Losing You'

Best Twitter Muse (@muse) Fred Macpherson, Spector (@fredmacpherson) Theo Hutchcraft, Hurts (@theohurts) Alana Haim, Haim (@babyhaim) Wiley (@EskiDance) MIA (@MIAuniverse)

Best Book David Byrne, How Music Works Neil Young, Waging Heavy Peace Mike Skinner, The Story Of The Streets Tim Burgess, Telling Stories The Rolling Stones, 50 Peter Hook, Unknown Pleasures : Inside Joy Division

Music Moment Of The Year David Bowie returns The Stone Roses play Heaton Park Olympics opening ceremony The Rolling Stones play London's O2 Arena Green Day's secret set at Reading Festival Pussy Riot's punk prayer

Hero Of The Year David Bowie Bradley Wiggins Pussy Riot Barack Obama Frank Ocean Dave Grohl

Villain Of The Year David Cameron Harry Styles Skrillex Psy Fred Macpherson Azealia Banks

Best Small Festival Swn The Great Escape Field Day Festival No.6 End Of The Road Constellations

Worst Band One Direction Muse Mumford & Sons Alt-J Justin Bieber Ed Sheeran

Best Fan Community Muse Hurts 30 Seconds To Mars Manic Street Preachers The Killers Enter Shikari

Best Film The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Ted iLL Manors The Dark Knight Rises Skyfall The Perks Of Being A Wallflower

New Music From Prince?

PrinceSay whaaaat? As if Bowie blessing us with coming out of hiding wasn't enough and Destiny's Child making a come back, now Prince has released a new song on the interweb titled "Screwdriver" with a music video.  The details behind the song are kind of confusing because no one seems to really know if it's part of a new album, if he has a new backing band etc so read HERE for the limited details and speculations that are available. I really dig this new tune! It's somewhat surprising because it's pretty straight forward if you don't think too much about the lyrics "I'm your driver, you're my screw", but it's really fun and cool! Also the video makes for some great karaoke moments haha!

WEIRD NEWS: The Harry Potter Invisible Cloak Is A Reality!

Military army cloakCan you imagine being invisible? Well it's now possible with the invisible cloak that has been developed for the army as the latest form of camouflage! It's awesome and fascinating yet terrifying all at the same time if you imagine one of these cloaks getting into the wrong pair of hands be it a criminal or the enemy! Read more of the details HERE. Well before we all get freaked out let's just enjoy how awesome it is for now:

WEIRD NEWS: 300 Million Year Old UFO Artifact Found!

UFO Tooth Wheel This is awwwwwesome!!! What appears to be part of a gear shift, otherwise known as a "tooth wheel" has been found in Russia embedded in a piece of coal that dates back to 300 million years ago . . . a time when dinosaurs didn't even roam our planet yet! Read all the details HERE. This brings us to the question of are we the youngest or newest form of life in this universe and if we ever had neighbours they were around friggin ages ago? Or if that many years ago ETs had machinery, crafts etc can you even imagine how advanced they are now . . . hence why we can't prove they exist and we can't find them!

This is truly fascinating stuff.  Of course the non-believers will doubt this discovery but whatever, their lives are so boring and us believers rock!

Jack White To Perform At The Grammy's

Jack White - BlunderbussCould this be the sign we have been waiting for that Rock n' Roll is finally returning to it's former glory, if a rock band is one of the main performances? Nothing made me happier than when Arcade Fire totally dominated the Grammy's back in 2011, it was amazing! Since then nothing has really stuck in my mind. What pisses me off about the Grammy's is that real, actual bands with real musicians who write and perform their own music are included in the same awards ceremony with "artists" (I just puked a bit as I typed that) like Chris Brown, Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Rihanna, Katy Perry and all those clowns who couldn't write a song if their lives depended on it.  They just mime what they are told to, dance their pathetic little puppet dances, act like the biggest losers ever in their personal lives and then sell millions of records and get praised.  All that being said, I still am happy when real artists are acknowledged!

Jack White is nominated for three Grammy's with his debut solo album 'Blunderbuss' up for album of the Year and Best Rock Album, while the single "Freedom at 21" is in the running for Best Rock Song.  These nominations are in addition to the 9 previous Grammy's he's won over the years.

Just to get you excited here is Arcade Fire performing "Ready to Start" as the final performance of the night at The Grammy's 2011:

Depeche Mode - New Album 'Delta Machine'

Depeche Mode - Delta MachineDepeche Mode are set to release their follow up album to 2009's 'Sounds of the Universe' and it's titled 'Delta Machine', it's being released March 26th. Wow am I excited for this album!! Martin Gore has said of the band's latest work in a press release:

"Writing this album was incredibly daunting as I wanted the sound of this collection to be very modern. I want people to feel good about listening to this record, to get some kind of peace. It's just got something magical about it." Dave Gahan said, "With this release we've completely shifted our idea of how to create an album. When we hit a wall where we realize the album is beginning to sound too normal, we'll mess it up and really give it that organic Depeche Mode Sound. Delta Machine is no different, and I can’t wait for all of our fans to hear it."

To be a bit more specific he has also said of the sound:

"The music has a similar vibe to [1990's] Violator and [1993's] Songs of Faith and Devotion and I think the songs on the album are among some of the very best we've done," while Gahan said it's "not a blues record, but it definitely has a soulful vibe."

The band is set to hit the road in Europe in Spring and the Northern American dates are TBA.  Here is the track listing:

Delta Machine:

01 Welcome to My World 02 Angel 03 Heaven 04 Secret to the End 05 My Little Universe 06 Slow 07 Broken 08 The Child Inside 09 Soft Touch/Raw Nerve 10 Should Be Higher 11 Alone 12 Soothe My Soul 13 Goodbye

Bonus disc:

01 Long Time Lie 02 Happens All the Time 03 Always 04 All That's Mine

And as if you weren't excited enough already . . . here is a teaser of the album:

Governors Ball Line Up Announced!

Governor's Ball 2013 Line UpThe line up is looking good! Last year was incredible and was honestly one of my favourite festival experiences ever.  The festival is here in NYC out on Randall's Island.  The way the line up was done last year and I hope it's the same this year was that there were no over lapping performances so it meant that I got to see every band I really wanted to see rather than having to sacrifice a few for the sake of the schedule. Check out my posts from last year HERE and HERE. Back when Kings of Leon were unavoidably everywhere and a load of "Sex on Fire" I never thought I would hear myself say that I am kind of looking forward to their come back . . . well I am! I am not shy to admit that I really like their early work, "Fans" is still such a great song to me, but I just feel like they let the suits get too greedy and influenced them to try to soar to new heights with the embarrassing abominable crap heap that was 'Only By The Night'.

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros . . . not so much.  I will admit that I enjoy their music but it too became unavoidably everywhere which put me off them.  The final clinker for me with this band was when I went to see them at Governor's Ball a few years back when it was on Governor's Island.  It took me an age to get their because of the whole ferry situation, it was a million degrees so I was sweating bullets, I was not enjoying the company I was with and to top all of that off once I finally got there I had missed their first song and a half only for them to take a 45 minute unannounced break. No one was sure where they went or if they were coming back. When they did finally return the front man Alexander Ebert was spouting all sorts of try-hard hippy drivel like "we are like . . . on an island . . . floating" and "this show is 50/50, I'll give you guys 50 and you have to give me 50 back" . . . I wanted to ring his annoying pretentious neck! It's just funny to think back to the days of his previous band Ima Robot, which I can only describe as The Rapture meets The Virgins . . . oh dear!

haimFor me Haim is THE band to absolutely make sure you watch! These girls rock my world.  They conjure up flashbacks of the best parts of the music that came out of the 80s, a pinch of Chrissie Hynde, give it a modern twist and you almost get an idea of what these girls are about.  They look awesome, the sounds awesome and they are going to be massive.  It's about time there was an amazing all girl rock band out there!

The line up is diverse and awesome so buy your tickets and I'll see y'all there . . . just don't talk hippie to me ha!