Alberta Cross - Bowery Ballroom

The Alberta Cross show at Bowery Ballroom last week was one of the best nights of music I have been to in a loooooong time!! They played quite a few of their new songs which you can catch below in the videos I took as well as a few gems from their past recordings.  It was a tough audience in that even though the show was sold out there was a lot of non stop chatter which pissed me off but there were equal amounts of absolute die hard fans that watched intensely like their lives depended on it.

The new album 'Songs of Patience' really excites me and inspires me.  I have been following this band closely almost from their start and I just love the way they are growing and progressing and developing as musicians and people.  As a performer Petter has the natural ability to captivate, you just can't help but watch his every move and then his musical talent is just off the chart.  His voice is one that will go down in history because no one, seriously no one, can sing like that guy! I feel Alberta Cross are one of the few rock bands that are just as strong acoustic, in fact I feel like they have a whole other following of fans that love them as an acoustic band, and I think that this is quite rare because many rock singers hide the fact they aren't that good a musician behind the noise and can't pull off the stripped down acoustic version.

Since the line up of the band has changed I know some fans have expressed disappointment and resentment but honestly I don't see any difference.  Alberta Cross began as a two piece with hired musicians filling in and now they have returned their roots and I think they are all the better for it.  Alberta Cross are not the kind of band that you get to really know all the players, they are a band that you know the singer (Petter) and you know Terry the bass player who hides in the back and you know the songs and that's why you go to their show.  The new drummer Frederik Aspelin is a child hood friend of Petter's from their hometown of Uppsala, Sweden and I think his soft, cool presence is a perfect fit and his drumming is on point, charismatic, musical and most importantly not too much.  Aaron Lee Tasjan (also in his own band Enemies), the new guitar player, has a very similar vibe as Frederik . . . subtle, cool but with enough gumption to make it work well. The keyboard player is still the same, the always-a-gentleman Alec Higgins and I'm glad because he is now part of the family I feel and I love his playing.

Another thing to note about an Alberta Cross show is that it is ALWAYS such a fun hang! Either in the audience or with the band you are guaranteed a seriously fun night.  Backstage I met Noelle of Fitz and the Tantrums which was pretty cool, I think both bands have the same booker or something.

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