Alberta Cross Have Epic Jam With Boyd Tinsley & Rashawn Ross Of Dave Matthews Band At 'Faces In The Mirror' Preview!

Curtis Millard 100% captured the vibe and emotion!

Last night I witnessed history in the making as a jam of epic proportions played out right there in front of me! Boyd Tinsley of Dave Matthews Band has made a movie called 'Faces in the Mirror' and last night I attended a preview of the movie with Boyd giving an introduction and Q and A at the Tribeca Cinemas. Alberta Cross played after the screening and to all of our sheer delight Boyd and Rashawn Ross joined them on stage and played almost their whole set! I have no idea how it worked but by god did it ever and all the musicians left their egos at the door and seemed to have a total blast! I had the biggest smile you have ever seen on my face the entire time and loads of people literally had tears of joy in their eyes! Wow wow wow is all I can say! Check out the three songs I managed to capture before my i-phone got full and the photos I took and my awesome photographer buddy Curtis Millard took:

Boyd giving a very animated response to a fan's question


"Lay Down" performed with Rashawn Ross

"Thief and the Heartbreaker" performed with Boyd Tinsley and Rashawn Ross