Alberta Cross - Night 1 At Pianos - New Music!!

I just got home from night 1 of Alberta Cross at Pianos! It was such a serious treat to see a band of this calibre play such a tiny venue and clearly I wasn't alone in thinking this because the venue was over capacity with all off us crammed in there like sardines in a tin! They mostly played their new material which we have all been dying to hear! They played two of their classics though, ''ATX'' and '' Thief and the Heartbreaker''.  If you don't already have your tickets for night 2/final night at Pianos then you should do everything in your power to be there because you will be in for one of the best nights of music of your lives!

Check out this video of one of their new songs called "Come on Maker' . . . it's already completely stuck in my head! SOOOOO GOOOOOD!!!!