Alberta Cross - Wait - And An Old Interview From 2008

I have been a massive fan of this band for a long time and have had the pleasure of watching them grow and gradually get the attention and respect they deserve so here are two videos for ya.  The first one is an interview I did with them back in 2008 when I first discovered them and the second is a song off their new EP that is only available from their merch stand at shows or at select indie music shops.  It's called "Wait" and it hits me to the core because it's about something everyone can relate to, the concept of ''what if'' and the paths we did or didn't take, enjoy  . . . .

And here is "Wait"

Want to know what the image on the album cover is? Well . . . it's actually the inside of an eye ball looking out and the black spider leg looking things are lashes. I wander who's eye that is . . . ;)