Alberta Cross With The Candles At Drom . . . Wow!!

Alberta Cross at Drom The Candles at DromA couple of weeks ago I went to see Alberta Cross perform at a venue in the East Village called Drom. I had never heard of the venue before but was so impressed! It's literally underneath a sushi shop and is like a hidden cave because you walk in and it doesn't make sense how huge it is with really high ceilings, a truly awesome venue! The Candles were the opener and also backed main Alberta Cross man Petter as his band with his other usual band mate Fredrik on drums. Firstly The Candles are awesome, real easy listening great singer song writer Americana done in a way that's refreshing but familiar at the same time.  They are also probably some of the best musicians around . . . when they aren't performing as a band in their own right they are touring around the world backing Norah Jones!

Alberta Cross have once again changed their live set up, it is now just Petter leading the show with Fredrik on drums and at this particular show they had The Candles as their band.  I have to admit, I have been to every show they have ever done in New York and this one was probably the best! The energy, the musicianship, the vibe, the sound . . . blew my mind! They looked like they were having the time of their lives and they sounded like they had been playing together for years! They performed three new songs which have made me ridiculously keen to get my hands on their hopefully-soon-to-be-released new album! I did take videos but I was instructed not to post them because they aren't official yet (oooh damn I wish I was a rule breaker because I'm dying to share them with you if you weren't at the show).

I feel like Alberta Cross' forever changing live line up has finally found it's comfort zone.  Maybe it's the all Swedish permanent line up now, maybe it was the awesome flavour The Candles brought, maybe it's the place main man Petter Ericson Stakee has finally reached . . . whatever it is, it works and is sure to blow your socks off when you see them live! As soon as I get permission to post my videos . . . I will so stay tuned!!