Band Of Horses - "Knock Knock" Music Video - Opening Track On New Album

Band of Horses will be releasing their 4th studio album titled 'Mirage Rock' and is due to be released on September 18th.  Here is the track list:

01 “Knock Knock”
02 “How To Live”
03 “Slow Cruel Hands Of Time”
04 “A Little Biblical”
05 “Shut-In Tourist”
06 “Dumpster World”
07 “Electric Music”
08 “Everything’s Gonna Be Undone”
09 “Feud”
10 “Long Vows”
11 “Heartbreak On The 101″
12 “Ego Nightmare (iTunes bonus track)

And check out the music video for the opening track on the album "Knock Knock".  It's a cool music video with a similar camera action to Blair Witch Project so prepare to get a little dizzy ;) So far I already prefer this album to their last, it has a little more 'tude, it grasps me a bit more . . . well at least this one track does!