Bob Dylan - NEW Album 'The Tempest'

The Tempest is being released on September 11th and was produced by himself but under the pseudonym of Jack Frost.  Not many details are available but perhaps the title is a clue to his retirement? The Tempest was Shakespeare's final piece of work, somehow I don't think so though! Read HERE for more details.  I really hope this album is great, after seeing him live a couple of years ago and regretting going because it was such a disappointment of a show let's hope he's still got it in his mind and in the studio.  I saw him at Terminal 5 about two years ago and I was disappointed because he sang in this growl that was completely monotone, he didn't play a single song in it's original arrangement so I literally couldn't even recognise "Love Sick" or "Rolling Stone" and he just kind of seemed pissed off which makes no sense because it's his decision to be on this never ending tour so if he wants to tour then he should damn well show it in a show that all of us payed through the teeth to be at.