Bob Dylan's First Ever Electric Guitar Possibly Found After 47 Years!

This guitar, if it is found out to really be THE one, is a crucial part of history because it is supposedly the guitar that Bob Dylan played in his first ever electric set! In 1965 at the Newport Folk Festival the ever controversial Bob Dylan walked on stage and plugged in his 1964 sunburst Fender Stratocaster and the rest, as they say, is history. On a side note an interesting part to this story is that everyone always thinks the times they are living in are the worst and not as good as the old days so in a sort of back handed way it's nice to know that musicians' gear got stolen back then in the days we all wished we lived in too! Another fact I'm finding interesting is that today musicians search far and wide for the perfect vintage guitar because modern guitars just aren't made as well and don't have the soul and history old guitars have BUT back in the day when all our 'now' vintage guitars were new, musicians just bought new guitars.  Read more about this discovery HERE!