Check Out 5 Awesome Bowie Performances!

If you read my blog regularly then you will know how excited I am that David Bowie has just put out a new single and the album comes out soon.  This is the first new music from the legend in a decade, during which time is basically disappeared.  This is how on the case I am when it comes to music . . . I was in need of a new iphone case because I got bored of the one I had, I did a little research on line and found what I deem to be the coolest phone case out there, fact. What I found was a Bowie phone case! Then literally, the next day it was his birthday and the news broke that he had a new single off a new album et voila I rock!

Pitchfork have got an awesome article with 5 legendary Bowie performances so make sure to check out it HERE