Coachella Shopping Part Deux!

Ok I got inspired to buy a few more key pieces for my Coachella trip! It kind of happened by accident when I was strolling around Williamsburg today. It all started when I spotted this awesome hairband in B. Conte Boutique! I thought it was a really cute little accessory for the festival to help keep some of my Rapunzel locks off my face. It's lined with suede and it comes in all sorts of pretty patterns, my mom got a rockin' one too.

Next I hit up In God We Trust where I found these awesome white sunglasses and for only $15 they are a total steal! My final destination on my way home was Monk Vintage and Thrift store on Driggs.  I'm all about rockin stuff for rockin prices so I remembered I had a 25% discount voucher from when I donated some clothes so I used it and bought this adorable little green with white polka dots tank top for $10! I paired the top with my Rag & Bone Daisy Duke shorts I featured in my first 'Coachella Shopping' post.

Finally here is my nail polish choice for the festival, there's always gotta be some glitter around! It's called 'Set in Stone' by Essie and in the photo I'm wearing a ring by one of my favourite jewellery designers Kathryn Bentley ( who is based in Silverlake in East Los Angeles but her stuff is sold all over the place.

Okey dokey stay tuned for my Coachella Shopping Finale when I decide what skin care cream and hat I buy to protect myself from the desert sun and heat!