Deer Tick - Red Hook Summer Stage

Last night I went to see Deer Tick at the Summer Stage in Red Hook.  It was definitely an unusual show because it felt kind of make-shift like someone had literally just thrown together a stage in the middle of a dusty old park but it was definitely raw, I guess you could say, very much like the band.  The band were great as always but I did get a sense that the absolute absence of alcohol, due to the Summer Stage laws, made that show not necessarily be their favourite one of all time, boozing is kind of their schtick right?  The crowd was interesting too, because of the no alcohol rule it was open to all ages (which is great, get fans started young!) which meant that when they did their Beasty Boys cover I found myself dangerously close to a mosh pit of sweaty teenage boys and standing amongst their extremely young and scantily clad girlfriends watching in adoration with dust flying everywhere because of the over zealous moshing! The band finished their set realising they still had 5 minutes to kill so ended with a Nirvana cover which was pretty much perfection!

Ice House, my new favourite bar

After the show it was still really hot and my friend Liz and I decided to explore Red Hook a bit so found our way over to, what is now, my new favourite bar called Brooklyn Ice House.  It ended up being, by coincidence, the after party for the show!

Me and Liz chilling in the back yard
It's true I do <3 Red Hook!

Check out my documentation of the show. I got a video of my favourite Deer Tick song "Clowning Around" off their latest album 'Diving Providence' (which I had no idea the drummer sang!) and of their cover of Beasty Boys' "Fight For Your Right":