Deer Tick Trashes Webster Hall!

Last nights show was honestly the best rock show I have EVER been to, and that is a bold statement I know but it's true!  They performed absolutely impeccably, every song just got you right in the zone!  The crowd were going nuts but not in a thug meat head way.  As the show went on Deer Tick got more and more rowdy with the two singers exchanging the occasional man snog, a giant 3 foot tall bottle of red wine was present throughout the show with all the band members swigging from it and eventually spraying it all over each other and the stage.  The grant finale . . . the band trashed all the equipment cigarettes in mouth, sprayed red wine and beer all over each other and the stage, TP was being wrapped around the stage and thrown everywhere, about 20 people joined them on stage and it was an all out rock n' roll raging riot but in the most awesome old school way!!!

Deer Tick I seriously <3 you!!!