Diamond Rugs - Listening To It Today And I LOVE it!!

I am so impressed that so many musicians from different bands could pull it together to write an album, record it and then tour it! Think how much schedule planning that must have taken!  Not only did they get it done but it freakin rocks! And all that nonsense about "Call Girl Blues"! Am I missing something but how is it that different from The Police's "Roxanne"? At least the girl in question in Diamond Rugs' song is a professional and seemingly happy with her work it's just the punter, the narrator, of the song that seems a bit bugged out that he can't ever really posses her.  In "Roxanne", the tone seems way more dark because the girl seems so sad to be doing what she's doing and the punter/narrator wants to rescue her.  Don't get me wrong, this album is hardly pink roses, puppies and fairies, it's definitely a bit seedy and grungy rock n' roll but it's done in such a way that I personally took no offense but rather want to sing along and pretend to be someone else for a while!

Eh either way I really love this album and am very impressed with the premise so go buy yourself a copy and dance like a crazy person in your bedroom :)

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