Drivin N' Cryin And Blackberry Smoke At Irving Plaza

Last night I felt like I had been transported to the deep south yet in reality I was at Irving Plaza here in NYC! I went to see a band that I truly love called Drivin n' Cryin and they were opening up for Blackberry Smoke.  DNC are a combination of 70s style power rock and classic Southern rock and they do it perfectly! Kevn Kinney the main man is awesome on stage and rocks harder than any of the young hipster bands! They just put out a new album called 'Songs From the Laundromat' and you should all do yourselves a favour and get a copy because it's an essential album for the collection.  Blackberry Smoke were fun, not so much my thing but I could still appreciate them.  They are a total throw back to 1960s hippy rock n' roll.  They all have long hair, long beards, bell bottom trousers and a strong southern twang.  The highlight of the night was when a  girl fight broke out down on the main floor between two bleach blonds mullets haha! The singer of Blackberry Smoke cut the song straight away and brought attention to the fight to get it stopped and then announced "I don't condone fighting but that was AWESOME" . . . amazing! Here are my photos and I tried to sneak a video of DNC but shortly got told off by the venue fascists so enjoy the few seconds I got away with: