Governors Ball Line Up Announced!

Governor's Ball 2013 Line UpThe line up is looking good! Last year was incredible and was honestly one of my favourite festival experiences ever.  The festival is here in NYC out on Randall's Island.  The way the line up was done last year and I hope it's the same this year was that there were no over lapping performances so it meant that I got to see every band I really wanted to see rather than having to sacrifice a few for the sake of the schedule. Check out my posts from last year HERE and HERE. Back when Kings of Leon were unavoidably everywhere and a load of "Sex on Fire" I never thought I would hear myself say that I am kind of looking forward to their come back . . . well I am! I am not shy to admit that I really like their early work, "Fans" is still such a great song to me, but I just feel like they let the suits get too greedy and influenced them to try to soar to new heights with the embarrassing abominable crap heap that was 'Only By The Night'.

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros . . . not so much.  I will admit that I enjoy their music but it too became unavoidably everywhere which put me off them.  The final clinker for me with this band was when I went to see them at Governor's Ball a few years back when it was on Governor's Island.  It took me an age to get their because of the whole ferry situation, it was a million degrees so I was sweating bullets, I was not enjoying the company I was with and to top all of that off once I finally got there I had missed their first song and a half only for them to take a 45 minute unannounced break. No one was sure where they went or if they were coming back. When they did finally return the front man Alexander Ebert was spouting all sorts of try-hard hippy drivel like "we are like . . . on an island . . . floating" and "this show is 50/50, I'll give you guys 50 and you have to give me 50 back" . . . I wanted to ring his annoying pretentious neck! It's just funny to think back to the days of his previous band Ima Robot, which I can only describe as The Rapture meets The Virgins . . . oh dear!

haimFor me Haim is THE band to absolutely make sure you watch! These girls rock my world.  They conjure up flashbacks of the best parts of the music that came out of the 80s, a pinch of Chrissie Hynde, give it a modern twist and you almost get an idea of what these girls are about.  They look awesome, the sounds awesome and they are going to be massive.  It's about time there was an amazing all girl rock band out there!

The line up is diverse and awesome so buy your tickets and I'll see y'all there . . . just don't talk hippie to me ha!