I Saw Three Fantastic Bands At Union Pool Last Night: Nicole Atkins, Nouvellas, (Daddy Long Legs) & Minerva Lions

The El Diablo Taco Truck
I love these boys style

Cool dudes with the taco truck

Minerva Lions

Nicole Atkins

The Nouvellas with Daddy Longlegs

Last night was, in my opinion, a pretty much perfect Summers night! It started early which I love because even if you get carried away with the bevvies you still end up going to bed earlier than on a normal night out and girl needs her beauty sleep! I arrived early with my friends at Union Pool and got stuck into some tacos from the El Diablo taco truck that's permanently parked in the back yard and sipped on a Tacate, nice. Minerva Lions were up first and were amazing! The main guy is like a mad scientist working his synth station, there was one song, wish I knew the name, that had some serious Pink Floyd moments.  Nicole Atkins took the stage mostly doing backing vocals but she did a few of her own songs too and my goodness does she blow me away! Her voice is heaven sent, she seriously has to be one of the best female vocalists out there today, she is definitely my favourite by a long shot! Finally Nouvellas hit the stage and straight away announced that this would be their last show for a while because one of the ladies was heavily pregnant and would be doing the mom thing very soon.  You could tell the ladies were thrilled to be doing the show which made for a really fun time! Towards the end Daddy Long legs shared the stage with the ladies and worked his harmonica so hard he would give G.Love a run for his money.  Finally all who performed got on stage and did a cover version of The Rolling Stones "Dead Flowers" in honour of the Stones' 50th anniversary yesterday. Here is a video of the cover, so fun!