Jeff The Brotherhood - Album Launch Party At Santos Party House

Last night I went to the album launch party for Jeff The Brotherhood's new album 'Hypnotic Nights'. I have finally figured out what JTB means to me! They remind me of when I was really young, around12 or 13 and my friends who had older brothers.  I had an older sister so older brothers were totally alien and intriguing to me.  When I would go round to a friend's house the older brother were always in a band and they all had long greasy hair, always good looking (or at least I thought so at age 12), were very mysterious and I would occasionally catch a glimpse of them when they left their lair/bedroom/rehearsal space for a few minutes to get food and drinks from the kitchen.  If they ever had a show and me and my friend would go it was the most exciting thing I could possibly think of.  So JTB is a nostalgic experience for me especially since their music is a direct throw back to 90s grunge! What's funny is that last night me and my friend were definitely the oldest people there by quite a long shot, I think Jake and Jamin (Jeff the Brotherhood themselves) are even quite a bit older than their audience.

Ready to Rock!
Jake & Jamin . . . vaguely
One of many crowd surfers
A raddom foot poking out of the crowd

The show was in a tiny sweat pit of a dump venue called Santos Party House . . . and I loved it! The crowd as I just mentioned were super duper young, at the bar I overheard many a complaint at the "city prices" for a drink which makes me think these kids still lived in the burbs with their parents. JTB absolutely killed it, their set was epic and I have a feeling that I will look back on the day I saw them in a sweat pit shoe box sized venue fondly when they are playing much much bigger places. They pumped so much dry smoke that you basically couldn't see them on the stage, all you could see was trippy lighting and the silouettes of all the crowd surfers with the giant sound coming from Jake and Jamin.  The crowd were young, rowdy and ready to rock.  I stood the furthest back I could be to avoid the mayhem.  At one point mid-song Jamin, the drummer, stopped the show to break up a fight and make sure the front line of the audience were all ok and everyone was safe.  These boys are an anomaly: grungy, young, mysterious, bad ass rockers yet they seem quite sensitive and soft at the same time.  After the show Jake took the time to meet and greet anyone who approached him, girls just wanted hugs and the dudes after the initial hand shake also went in for a hug too.  So for me JTB are nostalgic but I guess they mean something special to each of their fans. The lyric that sums them up for me is "I think you're cool, I am too, I know what you want to do", the simplicity, cheekyness and sexy grunge are perfection!