Jessie J Needs To Cease And Desist - London Olympics Closing Ceremony

Overall I thought the closing ceremony was absolutely awesome with some seriously great moments! I loved Russel Brand's Willy Wonker rendition, even though George Michael is extremely creepy I haven't seen him perform since I was a child and I thought he did a great job, Brian May shredded like the legend he is, I had no idea how much I would enjoy the Spice Girls and I could go on and on with what I enjoyed about the ceremony . . . Monty Python's "Always look on the bright side of life"!  All in all I was blown away by how much great music and fashion has come out of England over the years, I felt like a proud Brit last night. Here is where I vent and rant a bit.  Who the hell is Jessie J and why did she dominate the musical performances??  From what I could tell she is some terrifying pop super mutt of Rianna, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj rolled into one extremely bland and offensive skimpy sequin one-pant-legged-jumpsuit wearing idiot! How could they have chosen her to perform the most, how could they let her perform Queen's "We Will Rock You"?! Freddy Mercury needs to rise from the dead because as if it wasn't bad enough that that American Idol contestant, pathetic excuse for a musicians Adam Lambert being the new Queen front man wasn't sacrilegious enough they then let that irrelevant, talentless pop tart sing one of his greatest songs during one of England's proudest moments AHHHHHH!!! She literally embodies what is wrong with the music industry today! Then I found out they cut Kate Bush's performance from the US broadcast, damn you Jessie J.  JESSIE J NEEDS TO CEASE AND DESIST!

Anyway to not be a total bummer here are some of the highlights of the ceremony I managed to photograph when I remembered to pick up my camera: