John McCauley Of Deer Tick Needs A Place To Stay In Roanoke VA TONIGHT 11/28!!

I have placed a craigslist advert already which you can check out here:

John McCauley is looking to stay with a person versus a hotel tonight in Roanoke! If you do not live in Roanoke or have nothing remotely helpful to suggest then do not respond to this advert.

Him: A music man who can entertain you with his music and kick your butt at beer pong or any other alcohol related game. He can probably guarantee you some free tickets to his shows too.
You: Do not be the next craigslist killer. His family, band mates, fiance and fans would really miss him. If you are above 40 and still living with your mom then don't respond. If you are a single woman with 10+ cats then you can also save yourself the effort.
Me: is not a force to be reckoned with, I work with extraterrestrials, Big Foot and can communicate with Chupacabras everywhere! Also if Deer Tick were to no longer exist it would reduce my posting fodder and hits by a substantial amount.

If you have a genuine offer of lodging for this man then message him on the band's facebook as he is checking it personally: