Justin Townes Earle Produced Wanda Jacksons Upcoming Album

Wanda certainly has a knack for attracting talented rock n' roll boys dating all the way back to Elvis! After Jack White producing her album last year, this year Justin Townes Earle took on her 31st studio album titled 'Unfinished Business' due out October 9th.  Wanda says that she is excited about her new album because it's a look back at her roots of country, blues and rockabilly.  Read more details HERE including Justin Townes Earle's touring dates in support of his own album 'Nothing’s Gonna Change the Way You Feel About Me Now'.  Check out this preview of the album.  I am so excited and already preferring it to last year's 'The Party Ain't Over' because I love Wanda for being Wanda which is what this album has done, just let her be herself rather than Jack White's efforts which in my opinion was his interpretation of her.  Good job Mr. Townes Earle!