Key West Fashion

While I was in Key West I had a look around a few shops I had read about and had a seriously pleasant surprise, the shopping was amazing!! I found three of possibly my favourite stores ever! First I went into Deja Vu where I bought a dress, shorts and a tank top, then I went into Wanderlust where I bought another dress and a tank top and then I went across the street to Besame Mucho which is the prettiest store I have ever stepped foot in! They had so many amazing candles, clothes, lotions, potions, bed linen and just everything you could possibly imagine to make your life beautiful . . . they even had a gorgeous display cabinet filled with my awesomely talented friend Tracey Tanner's leather goods! I bought all these things for under $200!  Check out my little home made photo shoot below:

I love the pattern blocking on this Deja Vu dress!

I love the colourful leopard print and the  back of this top!

This is the perfect black dress!

Loving these shorts and not minding the similarity to Misoni ;)

I love the simplicity of the stripe but with the beautiful back! 

Tracey Tanner at Besame Mucho

Deja Vu:

Tracey Tanner: