Kodacrome - A New Discovery I'm Watching - Chicago January 12th '12

A While ago I told you one of the reasons I love blogging about music is because of the wonderful music I discover by bands contacting me.  It's rare even with bands that are getting written up that I truly connect with a band's music so when a band contacts me and I actually love their music it makes me really happy :)

Anyway this band's song "Modern Man'' is addictive, it's just so so good! Elissa was the one who contacted me and she seems like a real sweetheart so I am very excited for their return to Brooklyn and to see a show.  For now their only show is On January 5th in Chicago at The Hideout so if you live in Chicago start your new year off checking out a great band in their early days.

Kodacrome: www.facebook.com/kodacrome
Buy your tickets for The Hideout here: http://bit.ly/sAl67O