New Band I Like - The Amazing

The AmazingI saw The Amazing perform on David Letterman last week and liked their performance but didn't love it, and I think it's cool that they are Swedish. It was enough to intrigue me. I was invited to go check them out at the Mercury Lounge last night . . . and I am so glad I did! Don't expect to be won over by their stage presence, they are super chilled Swedes who don't really say much expect mumble a bit and confer in Swedish but somehow they keep you captivated. Their music is super trippy and dreamy and even though it's mellow there is a driving beat that keeps you pretty amped.  They would be the perfect band for pretty much any American festival because it would be so nice to watch them on a hot summer's day or night. They are heading back to Sweden tonight but make sure to keep an eye out for when they return and get yourselves to a show!

Check out their performance on Letterman, but trust me they are even better live.  They have one of the best lead guitarists around!