Other Lives - For 12 Music Video

On a night like tonight here in a prematurely snowy New York City and you are like me chilling at home all cozy and snug with no intention of bracing the elements then we need as much entertainment as we can get right? Ok so check out this music video because it is sooooooooo cooooool!! My friend Grant James made it with GreenLight Media and Marketing . . . and when I say made, I mean it in the usual sense but also in the literal sense, they built that space ship from the floor up! I've been inside it, I really would love to live in it :) Other Lives are in my top 5 favourite bands, their album gets played on a regular basis in mi casa and I go to every show of theirs I can get to because they are just so bleedin incredible! Even Radiohead is complimentary about them and as we all know Thom Yorke don't pass flattery easily ;)