Rock Music Has Worst Year Ever

I definitely agree with the backbone of this article BUT I think what he fails to mention or realise is that there is some of the best music/bands of all time out there but the problem is they can't get recognised or popular.  The general public basically don't like "music" anymore, instead they love the auto-beat, auto-tuned, mass produced bubble gum crap from the likes of Katy Perry, Gaga, Nicki Minaj or any of them because they all sound the same, written and produced by the same people churning out the same crap.  Rock bands are hidden beneath this thick fatty layer and can't break through and the only way they can is by writing shit like "Sex on Fire" so the average idiot cant understand and relate to it. Bands like Foster The People play it super safe and make such painfully easy bland music that again the general public love them because they think they are getting into "indie" music.

I remember when I met John Paul Jones a while back he said that his heart did go out to the modern day rock band because back when his band Led Zepplin began, Rock as a genre was new so everything any rock band did was considered new whereas these days the genre has been around and strong for over 30 years leaving little space for new or ground breaking. I think that is a valid point too but I truly believe that if some of our greatest rock bands of today or the last decade were around in the golden era of the 60s or 70s they would be as popular and respected as Pink Floyd, Rolling Stones, The Kinks etc, I'm purposely leaving out The Beatles because I don't think there could ever be a band again that consists of 3 equally incredible singers and song writers, but I would love to be proven wrong.

If you agree, disagree, have suggestions or want to share which bands of today you love please comment so we can all see.

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