Rumour Has It GNR Are Re-Uniting For Their Hall Of Fame Induction!

Apparently Slash has done some soul searching and Axl tightened his face a bit more and the out come is they are both really keen to perform in the original line up for their induction.  I really hope so because that would be awesome! I've seen the new Guns n' Roses perform twice: once at Hammerstein Ballroom where Axl's outfit was just plain wrong (badly fitted leather pants and a shiny shirt) and he kept running off stage every 5 minutes because he was so out of breath and then the second time was after Alberta Cross performed at the John Varvatos store.  Axl wasn't even supposed to perform (maybe he is intimidated by AC mwa ha ha ha) but did anyway, went on an hour and half after AC finished, the room was empty because everyone was partying it up downstairs at the private party so his people had to go out onto the snowy street to recruit audience members, kicked everyone including John Varvatos himself, Kevin Bacon and AC whose backstage area it really was out of the backstage area because Axl refused to be in there with anyone else and then he played for over 2 hours which was just too much for an in store little event! Anyway GNR are undoubtedly one of the greatest bands of all time and I truly wish they do reunite for the induction so here's to hoping!  Read an article here: