The Katalyst's Vacation - Day 4 Key West - The Boat Trip & Some Shopping!

Today the bar tender at The Garden's Hotel, Billy, took us out on his boat to a gorgeous island with a white sand beach and it was heaven! After that my sister and I hit up a few shops we had read about in the New York Times and found some absolute finds! We went to Besame Mucho where I discovered my good friend and extremely talented friend Tracey Tanner ( is famous, they had a gorgeous display of her collection and apparently she is one of their top sellers! Aside from Tracey's things it was such a beautiful little boutique with really special things ranging from home stuff to clothes to jewelery to bathroom things. Next we hit up Wanderlust where my sister and I went a little wild in the aisles (photos will be in a separate post titled "Key West Fashion" . . . coming soon)! Check out my photographic documentation (got bored of the word 'snaps') below:

The boat trip
Tracey Tanner at Besame Mucho
Besame Mucho

My sister and dad in front of The Porch
One of the locals