The Katalyst's Vacation - Islamorada

Islamorada is literally a slice of heaven! It does not feel like you are still in America, it feels, smells and looks like some tropical island in the Caribbean, it kind of, almost is . . . just 2 hours south of Miami! We stayed at The Moorings Village and Spa but wished we had returned to Casa Morada which is where we stayed last time, this is our third time in Islamorada. The restaurants in the town are really special, we ate at Robbie's, Lorelei, Ziggy and Maddog's and The Pierre. The most special thing you can do in Islamorada is take a boat trip and the Captain to do that with is Dick, he knows the area extremely well and can cater to your interests perfectly. He took us to Robbie's to feed the Tarpon fish, into the back country to see the Everglades with the Mangroves and to look for crocodiles (unsuccessfully though because they have moved on in search of colder water), for lunch at Ocean Grill and the for a swim on a sand bar a mile out at sea. Here are a ton of photos to show you my experience:

Our cottage at The Moorings  and the beach
The beach from The Moorings
The Moorings is set in a jungle

Setting sail on our boat trip with Captain Dick

Feeding the Tarpon fish at Robbie's

Pelicans are actually a bit scary!

Tarpon fish and the Mangroves

The back country in the Everglades & the  Gulf
Giant boat hair!

My new fave beer Landshark!

Casa Morada

Wine at Casa Morada

The Moorings:
Casa Morada:
Ziggy & Mad Dog's:
The Pierre:
Captain Dick: