The Soundtrack Of Our Lives Just Announced They Are Calling It Quits!

Oh what a bummer! I wasn't a fan as such but I did get taken to see them in LA at The Echo by a fellow Swede and I loved every minute of their show . . . and when I say "show" I mean, they seriously put on a show! The front man is a rotund man and he swayed from side to side in a medieval style gown and he literally looked like a viking with more character than 5 hipster bands puts together, the keyboard player was super cute so there was something for the ladies to look at and the absolute kicker was the guitar player.  He was clad in a red satin 70s style shirt which gradually became unbuttoned entirely, skin tight flares, he had a mullet and a handlebar moustache to boot . . . GENIUS!! Read this article on Stereogum to find more out about the band.RIP Soundtrack of our Lives :(