The Strokes - New Song "One Way Trigger"

One Way Trigger - The StrokesUm why didn't they just form a new band and release this song because it doesn't sound anything like The Strokes! Very odd! What do you think of it? This is the first song they have released but apparently it's not the official single, the official single is called "All the Time". I think it could grow on me and I get that bands progress especially when they have been around for quite a while like The Strokes but for me a truly good band always maintains a sound that is distinctly "them" if you know what I mean, this is unrecognizably The Strokes, you could tell me it was a handful of other bands and I would believe you . . . Passion Pit, The Rapture etc. I think I need to hear some more new tracks before I firmly set an opinion. I'd love to hear what you think so please leave a comment.