Two Fantastic Women, One Venue - Nicole Atkins & Martha Wainwright At City Winery

Sometimes I just feel so spoiled, last night was one of those nights.  I saw two extremely talented and awesome ladies of rock n' roll at City Winery.  City Winery is one of my absolute favourite venues in the city.  It is so beautiful, always sold out and seriously what more could you ask for . . . wine and live music! The food is really good too if you don't mind eating while watching a band.  Nicole Atkins was first up.  When that lady opens her mouth you literally get goose bumps! She really has one of my favourite female voices! She had really cool stuff at the merch stand too, I bought a hand painted (by her) tote bag which I'm really excited about! Martha Wainwright was the headliner and last night marked the end of her month long residency at the venue.  The room was packed and it really seemed like every person in there was a die hard fan.  Honestly, I didn't know her music before I went but I became a big fan half way through the opening song.  She is French Canadian, based in NYC, so a couple of her songs were in French which I loved and suddenly the Winery got transported to Paris (even though she is Canadian, it felt like Paris to me)! I can only describe her style as quirky and theatrical but done in a way that you would really listen to her music at any time, at home while cooking, in the car, at a dinner party . . . wherever, it's not so quirky that there is a time and a place for her. Check the calendar and make sure to pay City Winery a visit soon, it makes for a special night out!