WEIRD NEWS: Man Abducted By A Sasquatch Family

I spent my whole evening the other night watching back to back episodes of that Big Foot show on the History channel.  It was incredible! Aside from the undeniable evidence throughout history of Sasquatch and the fact that certain areas of our planet are so vast and lush with vegetation that an unknown species of human or ape absolutely could exist the part that got me the most was the reference to Alberta Ostman.  In 1929 he claimed to have been abducted by a Sasquatch who took him back to his Sasquatch family.  Ostman took lie detector tests, was interrogated by a magistrate renowned for making criminals crack under questioning and Ostman never cracked, never altered his story and never financially gained from his story.  I'm not sure if this is a famous story that everyone knows about or not, but I have just discovered it and am blown away! Read for yourselves here: