WEIRD NEWS: Mermaids: The Body Found

I watched this show last night and was blown away.  I am a bit confused because if the evidence shown with all the footage, documentation and testimonies from scientists, NOOAA researchers and ex-naval officers is all true then where does that leave us, we have to believe it.  If it was a hoax then why would the Discovery Channel, an educational channel, air it and were all the people featured in the show actors? If you go with the school of thought that it was all true then my goodness I can't fathom how cool that is! Aside from the fact that I was horrified by the sonar testing which resulted in 1000s of killed whales and dolphins . . . and mermaids, I, along with all the other viewers, just found out and saw a mermaid which proves that mermaids exist! Read for yourself HERE and let me know your thoughts because I am riddled with curiosity now!