WEIRD NEWS: (Not For The Faint Hearted) KFC Hmmmm . . . Brain!

KFC brain mealUgh here is just one more reason I am so happy I don't eat meat! No offense to those of you who do but this is sooooooo gross!! A kid in England was chomping away on his KFC meal when he made a terrifying discovery inside one of his nuggets or whatever the hell he was eating.  Are you ready for it . . . in place of what should have been a piece of juicy white meat chicken, there was a unidentified wrinkly brain thing! After some research it was determined that it wasn't actually brain, it was just a piece of kidney (are you freakin kidding me VOM!) and was not unsafe to eat.  Despite the free meal tickets the kid was given as compensation I get the feeling he won't be returning to KFC any time soon. Gross gross gross.