WEIRD NEWS: Real Life Flesh Eating Vampire-Like Incident!

This is hands down the most messed up weird news story I have posted . . . it's the most messed up story I think I have ever read in my entire life.  A cyclist in Miami pulled over when he witnessed two naked men lying on a sidewalk under an overpass, on closer inspection he realised to his shear horror one of the men was eating the other man's face, literally biting chunks of face flesh off and then swallowing it, he screamed at the men but the flesh eater did not react so he ran and flagged down the first cop car he could see. The cops went to the scene immediately and also tried to get the flesh eater's attention but he wouldn't stop eating the other man for a second so the cop had no choice but to shoot at him, at which point the flesh eater turned to look at the cop and GROWLED and then went back to eating the man, the cop shot him a few times but nothing would stop him so in the end the cop had to shoot him dead! The cyclist has now come forward and spoken to the press to describe an incident he says will plague him for the rest of his life . . . no shit! He said it was literally like being in a vampire movie, the flesh eater ripping chunks of meat off the victim's face, blood everywhere, naked and growling! This is so incredibly disturbing and my heart goes out to the victim who is currently in critical condition, it's touch and go whether or not he will make it as 75-80% of his face is missing! The only conclusion they can draw is that the flesh eater was in a drug induced psychosis and the culprit being a new strain of LSD that has been known to cause bizarre behaviour such as giving a person supernatural strength but until yesterday there had never been a cannibalism incident UGH!! Read the whole story here if you are brave enough: