WEIRD NEWS: Who Doesn't Like A Good Ghost Story?

ghostly grandmaI have to say ghosts are the only thing I truly am scared of (except sharks), they absolutely freak me out! Living in NYC some people fear burglars but for me it's just a ghostly encounter. I have had an actual ghost visitor and it was an insane experience.  It was in the second house I lived in growing up in London.  The house was around 200 years old but the stupid people who lived there before us had gutted it and got rid of all the original details, it was still beautiful but it didn't have that really old feeling that my previous house had had. Anyway the point is it didn't feel remotely haunted or scary, it felt modern and fresh. One night I was fast asleep in my bedroom, I can even remember the dream I was having because I got disturbed, I was dreaming about go-carting (awesome!). I got woken up by someone screaming my name but in a whisper scream, I assumed it was my sister Laura so I half opened my eyes and saw a figure so asked what the hell she wanted but there was no reply.  It was really dark in my room so it took me a while to focus on the figure so I half sat up on one elbow and then when the figure came into focus I realised it wasn't my sister at all, it was an old lady who I didn't know! She didn't look like an old fashioned woman like from the Victorian period which was when the house was built, she looked like a modern day grand mother, but neither of mine.  She had short white grandma style hair, big square glasses and she was wearing a cream cable knit lose sweater and she was bending over with her hands leaning on her knees staring at me.  I literally couldn't believe my eyes so I just blinked trying to figure out why this old lady was in my bedroom staring at me, my heart was beating in over time so finally I closed my eyes, waited a second and then opened them . . . and just like that she was gone! I leaped out of bed and turned on the light and there was no one in my room at all and my door was still closed.  Absoluteley terrified I ran next door to my sister's room and refused to sleep in my room for the next month.  After I did eventually return to my room I never encountered the old lady again and I still don't have a clue who she was! Growing up in England everyone has ghost stories and usually the most reliable sane people you know have awesome stories too, I guess it's because of the history of the city and how much life has been there for so long!

Anyway check out this article written by a ghost story writer . . . I love this stuff even though I will most probably have nightmares tonight!