Woodstock - Love, Peace And Still Rock N' Roll!

To celebrate my birthday I went upstate for the weekend to Woodstock, well actually I stayed in the artists colony 5 minutes up the mountain from Woodstock called Byrdcliff.  My favourite way to get upstate is the Amtrak train from Penn Station to Rhinecliff.  The tickets are relatively cheap and the car rental up there is literally 1/3 the price of car rental in the city AND the train goes along the Hudson the entire way!  

I found the most amazing little bed and breakfast called the Retreat at Treegap.  The innkeeper, Megan, was everything you would expect and hope for, a cute hippy-ish lady who couldn't have been more friendly, helpful and chilled out if she tried.  There were chickens running around that provided our delicious omelette she made us for breakfast.  The coolest part of the stay was being shaken out of bed at 6am by a 6 foot black bear trying to break into the garage below our room! The person I was with for the weekend discovered an old si-fi book in the room so asked Megan if he could buy it from her, her response was perfection.  She said it belonged to her father so she would happily lend it to him but at some point she would like it back.  Why can't the whole world operate like that!

Whilst in town I had dinner at The Red Onion, such a cool vibe and amazing food and wine! I went into town and stopped in a few of the uniquely Woodstock stores and hit up the weekend flea market, stopped by a friend's house in Saugerties (which FYI if I ever go missing you will probably find me there sipping a margarita staring longingly out at the mountain view) and swam in the Big Deep!

I go up there all time because there is no way to fit all the amazing things to do up there in one weekend.  Hit me up if you ever want Woodstock advice ;)